Meet the Team

They come from from all over the world and speak more than 10 different languages altogether. One thing they have in common: their passion for languages and multiculturalism. We are proud to present- the Fluent team!

Jessica Tulchin

Co-founder and Director. 

Hebrew/English/French Teacher


Jess was born in the US, grew up in Belgium and moved to Israel when she was 18.  She has a great passion for multiculturalism, and wishes to make the world a better place through languages.

“For me, learning a language is discovering a whole new world, a new culture, other ways of living and thinking. The beautiful thing about learning languages is that you suddenly step out of your comfort zone and you break into someone else’s.” 

When she’s not running Fluent, you can find her playing rugby in the Israeli national team or biking around Tel-Aviv.

Languages: French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, some Dutch, some Arabic.

Willy Hayman

Co-founder and Director. 

Hebrew/Spanish Teacher.


Born in southern Argentina and moved to Israel when he was 17, Willy knows what it is to be a “newcomer” and to not speak the native language of the country you move to. 

“This experience made me understand that everyone is capable of learning a foreign language and that the most important thing is just to gain self-confidence.” 

Since then, Willy learns languages on a daily basis, it became his second passion (after Rugby). 

Languages: Spanish, French, Hebrew, English, Italian, Esperanto, some Portuguese & some Russian.


Noemi Melul

Community Manager


Originally from Castellon, Spain. Noemi is the heart of the Fluent community. She loves connecting between people and always knows how to make everyone feel at home.

Besides managing the Fluent community, Noemi is also finishing an MA in Public Health.

You may also find her dancing , volunteering in Burkina Faso or playing rugby in Tel-Aviv.

Languages: Spanish, Hebrew, English, Valenciano, learning French.

Gal Frachtenberg

Courses & Operations Manager


Born in Chile and raised in Argentina, Gal left her South-American childhood to settle in Israel.

Funny story: her parents seemed to have anticipated her move to Israel by giving her one of the most common Israeli names- though they inspired themselves from a Brazilian singer named Gal Costa.

Gal is that person everyone wants to have as a friend: fun, sweet and who makes the best Empanadas!

Languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English, learning French.

Claire Margolis

French/Hebrew Teacher


Claire moved to Israel from France 6 years ago, and is our beloved French & Hebrew teacher! 

 Though she’s kicking ass in high tech (she is a training & wellbeing manager), Claire always stayed connected to her true love: teaching languages.

Traveling, reading, playing sports and eating chocolate are another few of her passions. Her energy never ends!

Languages:  Hebrew, French, English, & some Spanish’

Jacqui Mautner

English/Hebrew Teacher & Teaching Coordinator


If you don’t know Jacqui yet, you’re definitely missing out. Her awesome personality makes all the students fall in love with learning languages (with her).

Besides being the only Australian on the team, Jacqui differentiates herself by using sarcasm as her superpower.

During her free time you’ll probably find Jacqui dancing, reading,  or creating new material for English teachers.

Languages: Hebrew, English & some Italian.

Louise Mostovicz

Language Coach & Sales Manager


Our lovely Louise is what you’d call- born and raised as a polyglot! 

She was born in Antwerp, Belgium and grew up speaking 6 different languages.

If she’s not busy finding the next big idea that is going to change the world, Louise will be climbing or playing music. In fact, she plays 5 different instruments!

Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Hebrew, some German and some Yiddish.

Rachel Brink

English & Hebrew Teacher


Meet Rachel, who brings beautiful energies everywhere she goes!

Originally from South Africa, Rachel is now a proud Tel-Avivian. Besides being an awesome language teacher, Rachel is also a university student and one of the most curious people out there!

Photography, travel, yoga, meditation, cooking, reading & learning about other cultures are some of the thousand thingshe is passionate about.

Languages: Hebrew, English, some Spanish, some Arabic and some Afrikaans.

Michal Lefko

English/Hebrew Teacher & Language Coach


Brilliant & energetic are two words that come to mind when we think about Michal.

Michal’s fascination with languages started in her bilingual house, with an American dad and Israeli mom. She then started showing interest in Arabic when she moved to Jerusalem.

When she’s not teaching, you may find her cooking (especially healthy and vegan food), knitting or hiking. Fun fact: her ultimate dream is to become a DJ!

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish & some Arabic.

Moran Peleg

Events team & Content manager


Born and raised in Israel and fluent in more than 4 different languages, Moran is a natural fit in the Fluent family.

She loves living new experiences , meeting new people, and works in a tourism company in Tel-Aviv. 

Moran is one of the pioneers of the Fluent project! He helped us establish our beautiful community, and now also brilliantly manages all our courses content. 

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, some Yiddish, some Portuguese & some Italian.

Inbar Harel

Hebrew Teacher

יולי 19 (2)

She is the definition of kindness and sweetness. The kind of person who always sees the glass as half full.

Inbar was born and raised in Israel, and was a commander of international lone-soldiers during her army service. This experience opened up her curiosity to learn about different cultures and ways of life.

She says she “really enjoys teaching Hebrew and being part of the process that connects between different people.”

Languages: Hebrew & English.

Tamar Kedmi

Hebrew Teacher & Events Team


Although she is originally from the center of Israel, Tamar is a very proud Yerushalmit (from Jerusalem).

Besides being an amazing Hebrew teacher at Fluent, Tamar is a university student (Middle Eastern studies and Liberal Arts), and spends the rest of her time painting, dancing, acting, writing, playing the piano, and… gathering all the energies to be the very special person that she is! 

Oh yeah, you may also find her
rapping in the shower..

Languages: Hebrew, Spanish & English.

Netta Toledano

English/Hebrew Teacher

Our splendid Netta comes from a multi-cultural family. She has lived in more than 4 different places (including Guinea, the US and Rome) and speaks more than 5 different languages. 

As a lover of words she has also decided to combine a degree in English Literature with songwriting at the Rimon School of Music.

Netta is a talented singer-songwriter and loves playing with different languages in her music.

In general, her passion for life, music and languages is contagious!

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French & Italian.

Judith Goldcher

Hebrew/French Teacher

Fluent pic

What makes Judith such an awesome teacher, is that she is an avid language learner herself!

Originally from Paris, France, Judith moved to Israel and studied Russian and Hebrew, and then majored in Mandarin-Chinese at Tel Aviv University. She even lived in China and Taiwan for a bit and learned some Japanese, Korean and Lingala!

Judith is also an awesome theater teacher and a tour guide, and one of the most curious and passionate people you will meet!

Languages: Chinese, Hebrew, English & some Arabic.

Paloma Elbert

Spanish/Hebrew Teacher


Being around Palo is being filled with love, energy and enjoying fascinating conversations

Originally from Buenos Aires, Palo moved to Israel 6 years ago. She has always loved languages- fell in love with English while listening to Britney Spears songs, learned French and Italian growing up and then Hebrew when she moved to Israel.

She loves teaching languages because she believes that they are “bridges to better understand each other”.”

Palo also loves astrology, sexual education and goats.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, some Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

Gal Vaknin

Events team & Hebrew tutor

Picture Smile

Gal’s fun and loving personality makes everyone smile when they see her. 

Apart from being your friendly host at our events, Gal is a coordinator for international delegations and a “standup paddleboarding” (=Sup) instructor.

She is crazy about Latin languages and wishes to become a polyglot in general, which makes her an obvious fit in the Fluent family.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, some French & some Hindi.

Ella Alhazov

Events Team & Hebrew Tutor

Ella’s energies can illuminate a room in just a few seconds.
Born in Kazakhstan, she made Aliyah from Russia when she was very young, and now lives in (and is in love with) Tel-Aviv!
Besides being part of the Fluent team, Ella is a graphic designer and an artist. She loves playing the ukulele and the piano, writing, reading, and sometimes photographing.
Fun facts about Ella: she is a cat mom, has a lot of plants and knows how to sing in 10 different languages!

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian Spanish, some French Portuguese & Turkish.

Ran Fischer

Events team


After living in Europe for 5 years, Ran started as a regular language learner in the community and has now become an essential element in the events team!

His love for languages and multiculturalism makes him always eager to get to know new people and new cultures. 

Besides being active with Fluent, Ran is a marketing project manager and loves photography, playing instruments and sports.

Languages: Hebrew, English, German and some Spanish.

Miriam Fatmi

Events team

Women smile

 Born and raised in Yafo and with Moroccan origins, Miriam is what you’d call: the ultimate polyglot! 

 Miriam’s passion for languages brought her to speak around 7 languages nowadays, and she’s only 18 years old! 

Miriam is always happy, excited and ready to help out. She is definitely someone you want to come say hi to at the events.

Languages: Arabic, Moroccan, French, English, Hebrew, some Russian & some Dutch.