Adam D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Welcome to the Adam D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship page.

We are honored to establish this scholarship in memory of Adam, a cherished member of our community, who has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

About Adam

Adam was a recent oleh hadash (new immigrant to Israel) when he came to Fluent in the fall of 2021, excited to advance his knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew language and culture of his new home. As an avid language lover, Adam was a natural fit in the Fluent community. He studied Hebrew in our courses, practiced French at our Language Exchange Events, and even participated as an “English” Ambassador to help others improve their English.

Everyone was always excited to speak and meet with Adam. He was the kind of person who brought joy and light to others, and his passion for life, and specifically for languages, was contagious. He knew how to make people around him feel comfortable and welcome, and everyone always wanted to sit at his table at our events.

Adam provided a model for what it is to be a good person, but also to be an excellent language learner. This could be seen in class: he was extremely proactive, always motivated, always excited to learn, brilliant in general, and just a joy to be around. He was a beloved member of the Fluent family.

Though Adam is no longer with us, his spirit continues to inspire us to pursue our mission of breaking cultural, social and language barriers.

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About the Scholarship

The Adam D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship is a testament to our commitment to honor Adam’s memory by supporting current and future students in their language learning journey. This scholarship aims to recognize outstanding students who exemplify the same qualities of passion, dedication, open-mindedness and kindness that Adam embodied.

This Memorial Scholarship was established in cooperation with Adam’s wonderful family.

How to Apply

In order to apply to be selected for the Adam D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship you must complete this form, and you will be contacted promptly.

The Scholarship is designated for Hebrew students who are in need of financial help in order to achieve their language goals, and are committed to completing 4 full trimesters of Fluent’s Hebrew Immersion Courses (10 months).