Our Method

Practice with Native Speakers

The only way to truly get fluent in a foreign language, is to practice with native speakers! It’s doesn’t only make the learning more practical, but also way more fun, as you make new friends along the way. We developed a unique immersive method in which you interact with native speakers while learning the language. They correct you, help you improve, and open you the doors to their culture.

Immerse into the Culture

Behind every language is a story and a culture. At Fluent, we believe in connecting the process of learning a language to this story. Cultural immersion is an essential part of all of our learning methods. We learn Hebrew by preparing Shakshuka, learn French while listening to Edith Piaf, and we learn Spanish while speaking about Che Guevara’s revolution.

Learn via Practical Context

At Fluent, we learn languages in context. All of our platforms are dynamic, interactive, practical and connected to everyday life. We’re done with learning irrelevant vocabulary and expressions that will keep us stuck in our antique workbooks. Instead, learn to eat, speak, drink, breathe and live – in your new language.

Break your Language Barrier

Many of us struggle to learn and speak foreign languages because we’re afraid to make mistakes or to ‘sound stupid’. At Fluent, we believe that speaking and making mistakes are essential steps of the language learning journey and we encourage our students to put themselves out there and break the language barrier!

Learn how to Become Proactive

Our goal is to teach you to teach yourself languages!

At Fluent, we believe in making students become proactive and independent language learners. We provide many tools to enable students to integrate language learning in their everyday life and create practical routines to continue learning at home- such as an app to practice vocabulary and an interactive online platform with engaging content.

Want to bring us to your office?

We love working with companies and organizations!

We have lots of options to help your employees get fluent in English, Hebrew, French & Spanish in the most fun and effective way. 

We also partner with many NGO’s and organizations, and work together in order to provide the best language learning experience for their audiences and communities.

For more details, schedule an intro meeting with the link below, or reach out at contact@fluent.community

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