Our Mission

Why Fluent?

Our method was established as an attempt to provide a response to two main problematics:

The first: people spend a tremendous amount of money, time and energy trying to learn foreign languages without succeeding. They are taught rules of grammar or lists of words in a passive and static environment, and end up failing to achieve the confidence to speak, and to break their “language barrier”. 

The second: One of today’s major challenges to humanity is ethnic and religious conflicts, driven by different narratives and a lack of understanding between cultures. Stereotypes, prejudice, and a lack of knowledge or fear of the ‘other side’ are the major fuel to these conflicts.

Our solution? Creating cooperation between cultures to learn each others’ languages.

Learning languages through their context- native speakers and their culture- is not only the most effective way to learn a language, but also the one that will allow you to understand a different culture, and see the world through their eyes. We believe in the power of languages, and aim to use it to make more tolerant world.

After years of experience learning and teaching languages ourselves, deep research and training on the best way to learn foreign languages, and after working with thousands of students, and dozens of organizations and companies (including the Moroccan, Colombian and Bahrain embassies, the Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramat-Gan municipalities, and many other high tech companies and NGO’s), we believe to have created the ideal environment and mehodt to get fluent in foreign languages!

What is Fluent?

Fluent House of Languages is an innovative and revolutionary language school, and a community of more than 15,000 language learners, with a mission to build bridges between cultures and break social barriers.

Fluent was founded by Willy and Jess, two visionary polyglots (they speak 7-8 languages each), and is led by a team of language lovers, who all share the same mission to impact the world through languages.

Our ‘House of Languages’ offers Language Immersion Courses for Hebrew, English, Spanish and French (online & in Tel-Aviv) both for individuals and for organizations/companies, and Language Exchange Events (with more than 12 different languages to practice!) every other Saturday in Tel-Aviv.

The Fluent concept? Learn a language while immersing into the culture and practicing with native speakers. 

Our Vision

Languages are so much more than rules of grammar and spelling. Languages are also people, a culture, a story. We believe in learning languages through that story. 

There is no reason for learning languages to be painful or boring. It can and should be fun and exciting. Our methods are interest-based, proactive and practical. Our students are always active in the process of learning. 

At Fluent, we give life to the language.

Our Community

We see languages as a tool to open people’s minds and to impact society as a whole. 

By enabling them to create cross-cultural connections and discover a world that is different from the one they know, we aim to make the world a more accepting place. 

Our Fluent community is an inviting space for more than thousands of people to embrace multiculturalism and break social and cultural barriers through the exchange of languages.

What we offer:

Want to bring us to your office?

We love working with companies and organizations!

We have lots of options to help your employees get fluent in English, Hebrew, French & Spanish in the most fun and effective way. 

We also partner with many NGO’s and organizations, and work together in order to provide the best language learning experience for their audiences and communities.

For more details, schedule an intro meeting with the link below, or reach out at contact@fluent.community

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