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Hey language learner, nice to meet you!

 I’m the Frequent Fluent Card, your ultimate partner to improve your speaking skills in foreign languages in the most fun and practical way ever. 

You can use me to sign up to all Fluent’s events and activities!

5 Entrance Fluent Card (60$)

Price: 200₪

10 Entrance Fluent Card (105$)

Price: 350₪

Golden rules​

In order to sign up to our events, you must register with your Frequent Fluent Card through our website before 3PM on the day of the event.

Frequent Fluent Cards belong to only one person and can be used only for that same person.

Frequent Fluent Cards are valid for a period of one year since their purchase date.​

Tickets purchased in advance with a Card may be used for an alternate weekly event provided notice is given to Fluent no later than 24 hours prior to the purchased event.​


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