Terms & Conditions

A. Registration

The user guarantees that the information submitted to Fluent for registration is complete and truthful. The user shall not use pseudonyms or nicknames, however, Fluent may allow exemptions at its sole discretion. The user shall keep the user’s profile up to date, in particular with regards to the user’s email address. The user shall ensure that Fluent can establish contact at all times with the user via the contact details provided by the user in the user’s profile on the Fluent Website.

Fluent reserves the right to refuse membership of any user for any or no reason.

User accounts are not transferable.

During registration, the user must determine a password which they will use to identify themselves to access its personal Fluent account and Fluent services. The user is responsible for keeping the password secret and preventing other persons from accessing the user’s account via this password. The user agrees to notify Fluent immediately of any unauthorized use of the user’s password or account or any other breach of security through the contact form available on Fluent’s Website under the “contact” page. Fluent will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the user’s failure to properly comply with this section.

As far as the user is in breach of the provisions in this Section A, Fluent shall be entitled to terminate this agreement for good cause with immediate effect, to block the user’s account and/or to prevent further use of the services and the website(s) by the user. Any other rights of FluenTLV shall remain unaffected.

B. Prices and Payment

Fluent reserves the right to amend the prices for future provisions of the services.

C. Granting Rights to Use

The user hereby acknowledges the right of Fluent to publish any photographs or film footage taken at Fluent Events or Activities on the Fluent Websites and/or on any platform approved by Fluent. Should the user wish to refuse the same, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman at the Event or Activity. Should the user wish to have Fluent remove a photograph or footage already published on the Fluent’s networks, the user must contact Fluent through the contact form available on Fluent’s Website under the “contact” page.

Fluent may use the User’s Personal Data, his/her User Content, or any other information in an anonymous way without identifying the User as an individual to third parties. This includes for instance providing aggregated data about the usage of the Fluent services to third parties for such purposes as Fluent deems to be appropriate. Fluent may segment its Users by e.g., gender, age, geographic location, nationality, or employer. 

D. Privacy Policies 

Any information you disclose about yourself in your profile can generally be freely viewed, copied, used, and passed on by others except the User’s password, e-mail and/or phone number which are never visible to any other User of Fluent or any third party at any time.

Fluent uses Personal Data solely to provide the User with the Fluent services. Fluent will never rent, sell, or otherwise provide Personal Data to any third party for advertising or for marketing purposes without the User’s consent.

The User is aware of the fact and agrees that in case of online debiting procedures (i.e. payment via credit card) any data (e.g. name, credit card number, expiry date, bank details etc.) which is necessary for the due processing of such payment will be transferred to third parties involved in the execution of the debiting procedure (e.g. operator of the payment module, credit card acquirer and the bank issuing the credit/debit card).

In particular, Fluent shall not provide or otherwise disclose any personal data of the user to any third party without consent, unless Fluent  is required by statutory applicable law to reveal the data to third parties, in particular government or regulatory bodies, or if the transfer of data is necessary for operation of debiting procedures as described in Section D.3. above.

The Fluent website may contain links to other websites. Fluent is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites.

E. Cookies

Fluent uses cookies to identify the User during the course of his/her session and to recognize him/her as a user when he/she returns to the Fluent Website using the same computer and web browser. A cookie is a piece of data stored on the User’s computer tied to information about the User. Fluent uses session ID cookies to confirm that the User is logged in. These cookies terminate once the User closes the browser. By default, Fluent uses persistent cookies that store the User’s login ID (but not the password) to make it easier for the User to log in when he/she comes back to the Fluent Website. These cookies will then store part of the login data in encrypted form. The User can remove or block this cookie using the settings in the browser if he/she wants to disable this convenience feature. 

The Fluent User acknowledges the principles set forth in this GTC. The User shall be entitled to revoke his/her consent at any time and with effect for the future. The User shall also be entitled to deleted his Fluent account at any time. For such revocation/request please contact Fluent by using the contact form.