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What is Fluent? 

Fluent is an innovative language school and a community of language lovers based in Tel-Aviv and created by two passionate polyglots.

With Fluent you can learn more than 12 different languages, while connecting with native speakers and immersing into the culture- in the most exciting, practical and efficient way. 

Join our community of more than 10,000 language learners!

How can you learn languages with us? 

Language Immersion Courses

A unique concept to improve speaking a foreign language in a cultural immersion with native speakers. 

Each course brings together two languages and two cultures, each with an equal amount of native speakers, and covers different  aspects of the culture (music, movies, history, religion, etc.). 

The course, which is led by a professional and bilingual teacher, is a combination of conversation classes and grammar lessons

Online & in-person options, from beginner to advanced levels.

Languages: Hebrew/English/French/Spanish

Language Exchange Events

At our weekly Language Exchange Events you can practice between 12 and 17 different languages with native speakers in a fun, relaxing and multicultural atmosphere. 

At each table/in each room you practice a different language, with a friendly native speaker (=Ambassador).

As Fluenter Annie Lashinsky says, “It’s the perfect place to do what I would be doing anyway – drinking a beer – while also doing what I should be doing – practicing my Hebrew! You get to practice languages in a setting where it’s okay to mess up.”

Online & in-person options, from beginner to advanced levels.

Languages: 12 constant languages + ‘Special Languages’ (ISL, Hindi, Hungarian, Persian, etc.)

Language Activities

The concept of our Language Immersion Activities is to do a fun and interesting activity, or learn a new skill, while improving your level in the language you’re learning.

Whether it’s an underground tour of Tel-Aviv in Hebrew, a painting workshop in French or a yoga class in Spanish, the idea is to learn in context and while living the language. Check out our calendar of events to discover our upcoming activities.

Online & in-person options,  all levels.

Languages: Hebrew/English/French/Spanish

The Language Immersion

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The Language Learning &
Exchange Events

Want to bring us to your office?

We have lots of options to help your co-workers or employees get fluent in English, Hebrew, French & Spanish &  work on team bonding at the same time!

Schedule a free intro-session to get all the details with the link below, or reach out at contact@fluent.community