An innovative concept to get fluent in a foreign language!

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The Concept

Why Fluent?

Too many people spend a tremendous amount of money, time and energy trying to learn foreign languages in an inefficient way. They are taught rules of grammar and vocabulary in a passive and static environment. They often end up unable to have a genuine conversation in the language. We aim to bring a revolution to the world of language learning by showing people that with the right method and setting, anyone can learn a language.

This method involves connecting the learning to its context: the culture and the people behind the language.

Our Vision

Languages are so much more than rules of grammar and spelling. Languages are also people, a culture, a story. We believe in learning languages through that story. 

There is no reason for learning languages to be painful or boring. It can and should be fun and exciting. Our methods are interest-based, proactive and practical. Our students are always active in the process of learning. 

At Fluent, we give life to the language.

Our Mission

We see languages as a tool to open people’s minds and to impact society as a whole. 

By enabling them to create cross-cultural connections and discover a world that is different from the one they know, we aim to make this world a more accepting place. 

Our Fluent community is an inviting space for more than thousands of people to embrace multiculturalism and break social and cultural barriers through the exchange of languages.

Our Programs