Language Immersion Course, English-Hebrew: Intermediate level


Wednesday, 08 May 2024, 18:45


Isserles Street 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Language Immersion Course, English-Hebrew: Intermediate level


Wednesday, 08 May 2024, 18:45


Isserles Street 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

An innovative method to get fluent in Hebrew - with Israelis!

The Language Immersion Course is an innovative method to get fluent in a foreign language through cultural immersion. Join this course to improve your Hebrew *speaking skills* while practicing with new Israeli friends and immersing into Israeli culture! We will help you break your language barrier!


The Principles

Focus on speaking! Practice 1-on-1 with Israelis throughout the entire course

Immerse into the culture (discover Israeli music, movies, history, etc.)

Expand your vocabulary with useful everyday words and expressions

Get practical tools to continue living in Hebrew beyond the classroom (podcasts, applications, etc.)

Enjoy fun and interactive classes, with a professional instructor

What people say about this course?

Miranda Bass

"My experience with Fluent was excellent. I came into the course having spent two semesters in Ulpan and could read and understand decently, but I really struggled with my speaking. The course was perfect for improving in this area, and gave me the ability and the confidence to express myself comfortably in Hebrew. Most importantly, the teachers were awesome, and pushed me to talk more!"

Adam Sinclair​

“I think the immersion program was amazing. I especially liked the format of half-English, half-Hebrew. By splitting each session, I was able to have my personality come across during the English half, which made me more empathetic to the struggles of the other participants, and more willing to bravely talk during the Hebrew half. I learned a ton about both Hebrew and Israeli culture"

Yonit Tanenbaum

“This course changed my entire approach to learning Hebrew. Every class is engaging and fun. I highly recommend this for anyone who already has a generally good command of the language and wants to improve their speaking and vocabulary while being immersed in Israeli culture.”

Stav Nitzan

“The classes are so fun, we speak about subjects that everyone is interested in, and through these we naturally learn the language. The content is interesting, the teaching is excellent and the fact that we study as a group makes studying more fun. I definitely recommend this course to whoever has some basics in a language and wants to feel fully comfortable and confident in it."

Efrat Levi

“An amazing experience! It’s a very different and special way to learn a language... We don’t waste time with long hours of grammar and tons of homework, the emphasis is on practicing and understanding. I recommend this course to those who are tired of learning in traditional and boring ways and are looking for something special and different.”


Who will participate in the course?

Each group includes an equal number of native English speakers and native Israeli speakers. We help each other get fluent in our respective languages!

What language do we speak during class?

Every class is divided in two: half is a full immersion in Hebrew, and the second half is in English. The teacher is bilingual and speaks first, only Hebrew, and then, only English.

What are the classes about?

Every class is about an aspect of the culture. Some of the topics that will be covered in the course: movies, work culture, music, politics, news, stereotypes, social norms, history, religion, education, food, etc.

We learn the language through the culture!

What is the added value provided by this course?

Besides the setting itself which is enjoyable and unique, the added value provided by this course is:

The presence of NATIVE SPEAKERS with you in class, throughout the entire learning process. They help you practice the language, correct you and share their culture, which makes the learning extremely alive and efficient.

What else does the course provide besides the weekly lessons?

- Practical and dynamic guided grammar lessons to give you the theoretical tools to speak more confidently!

- Extra content and material to continue learning outside the classroom (podcasts, interesting videos, websites and apps).

- Fun and interesting homework & projects to get ready for the next lesson and topic.

- A weekly phone/Zoom conversation with an Israeli from the group to continue practicing.

- Access to a fun and practical app to review the new vocabulary learned in class

- Access to an interactive platform to submit homework and use all the material

- You come out of the program with a set of new Israeli friends!

- Free access or discounts to all Fluent's events and meetups (talks, meetups, game nights, language karaoke events etc.). 

- Become part of a vibrant and warm multicultural community of more than 8000 language lovers!


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